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A Level 2 WikiApprentice can link to other content pages and produce professional looking Web pages in WikiEducator by incorporating images and graphics. Starting from a beginner, you will be able to attain orange status within 3 to 4 hours work on WikiEducator.

Skills requirement Support resources Outputs for community certification
  • Pre-requisite skills - WikiApprentice Level 1
  • Basic editing skills including:
    • External links using the "piped" link feature
    • Internal links to existing pages using a "pipe"
    • Creating a new page (internal link)
    • Uploading images, including:
      • Type (thumb or frame)
      • Placement (left, right & centre)
      • Size
      • Caption

(2-hour face-to-face workshop, online workshop over 2 working days or self study)

  • Mastery of WikiApprentice Level 1 skills
  • User page to inlcude:
    • A link to an external website, for example place of work using a pipe;
    • A link to an internal page, for example adding a link to the user's respective Country page and adding their name to the country page.
    • Inserting a framed or thumbnail image with a caption on the user page, for example a photograph of the user.


1. Create a link to an external website on your user page using both forms for adding external links described in the tutorial.

2. Create an internal link to another WikiEducator page.

3. Practice inserting a framed image on your user page.

4. Insert a thumbnail image on your user page with a caption.

5. Change the size of the image.

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