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Acknowledging your achievements

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WikiEducator has instituted a tiered structure to acknowledge your achievements and to earn community kudos. In this way we recognise a new generation of skilled educators who collaborate online developing free educational resources.

This is a peer-recognition system with a difference - the WikiEducator family provides the resources and community support for You to attain the accolade and reputation of a WikiMaster.

Levels of mastery

Right of passage to become a WikiMaster!
The formal university sector recognises the value of the apprenticeship model in the formation of scholars. Bachelors are promoted to masters and under the guidance of an experienced researcher, and a student submits a thesis as evidence of their scholarship. Some students elect to continue with a Doctorate and for those pursuing an academic career, the ultimate accolade for a scholar in the formal university sector is a Professorship.

The WikiEducator community recognises the strengths of the apprenticeship model where more experienced individuals in the community demonstrate their commitment by sharing knowledge freely with new comers wanting to develop these skills. Similarly, experienced WikiEducators guide Newbies on their journey to achieve mastery in our community. WikiEducator "students" demonstrate their scholarship through the quality of their content submissions.

Skills Development Process

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Multiple "ways of being" a WikiEducator
Newbies start their journey with an Apprenticeship in WikiEducator, which provides the necessary skills to join our community of content developers. Next, there are two sub-levels of Apprenticeship to attain the status of a WikiBuddy - a person who develops his/her own mastery in wiki skills, and uses WikiEducator communication and educational tools to support and work with other WikiEducators in achieving their goals. The WikiBuddy role is an essential part of our community-building and sustainability.

A WikiBuddy can invest further in the WikiEducator skills development process, and become a WikiArtisan - a person who is a well-versed WikiEducator professional who has developed free educational content and understands the WikiEducator way: our learning design requirements; quality assurance procedures; and the values of the free knowledge community. WikiArtisans are a cornerstone in our WikiEducator community.

You can choose to deepen and broaden your skills in our community by becoming a WikiTrainer, and continue your journey to achieve the Masters Level status in WikiEducator, WikiMaster.

Multiple paths of being a WikiEducator

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Applying for certification

WikiEducators must apply for certification. We will be developing a more sophisticated and seamless way to request certification in the near future. However, in the mean time -- just add your username and the level of certification you are requesting on the following page:

Request for certification

Skill levels