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A WikiBuddy (Green) has acquired the skills to become an active member of our peer-based, development community. A WikiBuddy pairs with other WikiEducators to provide help and support using our communication tools and educational elements in the wiki.

Welcome aboard! For less than a full day's work (5 to 6 hours), you can acquire the skills you need to share your knowledge and build educational content resources the wiki way.

Skills requirement Support resources Outputs for community certification
  • Pre-requisite skills: - WikiApprentice Levels 1 & 2
  • Use of communication tools and educational layout features, including:
  • Using recent changes and history information
  • Reverting an edit
  • Use of the WikiEducator mailing list
  • Leaving a message for a WikiEducator user in WikiEducator
  • Providing feedback or comments on a WikiEducator content page
  • Inserting a pedagogical template

(2.5-hour face-to-face workshop, online workshop over 3 working days or self study)

  • Mastery of WikiApprentice Level 2
  • User page to include at least 1 pedagogical template
  • History of user page must show a revert of a "planned" mistake
  • User contributions must show both a comment left on one of WikiEducator's content pages as well as a personal message posted to an active WikiEducator user.
  • Introduce yourself to at least two WikiEducators by leaving a message on the relevant talk page - consider adding the WikiNeighbour template to your user page.
  • Developed one lesson or content resource for WikiEducator (between 30 and 60 minutes of student learning time)
  • Monitor & Track WikiEducator's Recent Changes page for opportunities for collaborative editing - in line with active pages (or projects) of interest to you
    • make 2 edits per page.
  • Adopt-a-User
  • Provided evidence of demonstrating WikiEducator to a friend showing how it works.
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