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WikiEducator HELP

Resources to help you getting started on WikiEducator.

WikiEducator Tutorials

The Wikieducator Tutorials are considered to be the essential requirements for a teacher/educator to be able to develop free content for education on the wiki. The time required for each tutorial is estimated at 15 to 20 minutes.

  1. What is a Wiki?
  2. Creating an Account
  3. Editing Basics
  4. Basic Text Formatting
  5. Creating New Pages and Links
  6. Inserting Images and other Media
  7. Collaborative Editing
  8. Talk pages and other Useful Features
  9. Creating and using Pedagogical Templates
  10. Thinking About Structure
  11. Navigation templates
  12. What is Free Content?
  13. Developing a teaching resource on WE
  14. Sourcing and using free images (WIP)
  15. Using support and development templates (WIP)
  16. Implementing learning design (WIP)
  17. Collaborative Video - Help and Sandbox
  18. Tutorial Index


List of Help Pages

Group Discussions

We use a Google Group to facilitate discussion around WikiEducator. Please feel free to join us! Please visit the Community Portal for a list of recent discussion topics.

Quickstart guide

  1. Creating an account
  2. Creating your WikiEducator user page
  3. Basic editing.
  4. Editing using open office
  5. Wikipedia's Cheat sheet (also available as a PDF for printing)
  6. Pedagogical templates
  7. Tables
  8. Extra Tips
  9. Tips on creating accessible content on wiki
  10. IGNOU Wiki Support and FAQ
  11. WikiEducator Tutorials
  12. MediaWiki Markup

Policies and guidelines

  1. WikiEducator policies
  2. Using WikiEducator
  3. WikiEducator Skills Certification Policy
  4. Certification: WikiMaster-WikiBuddy-WikiApprentice Requirements


We're here to help you! If you are interested in joining us, or just have a question, please put a link to your Talk page here and a brief note about what you need...

  • BrentSimpson - Wiki syntax, templates, architecture.
  • Wayne Mackintosh - WikiEducator strategy, international liaison, and anything to promote a free education curriculum by 2015.
  • Minhaaj ur Rehman Wiki Syntax, templates, online collaboration and support.
  • Philip Serracino Inglott - Wiki syntax, templates, VUSSC project.
  • Patricia Schlicht - supporting WikiEducator through online facilitation and support, advocacy, capacity building, project development, assisting Dr. Wayne Mackintosh.
  • Randy Fisher - supporting WikiEducator community development, relationship-building and facilitating cluster formation. Also supporting Community Media and WikiGovernance project nodes.
  • Nellie (Muller) Deutsch supporting WikiEducator through online facilitation via Moodle and live online sessions via WiZiQ virtual classrooms. Please feel free to contact me or leave a message and ask questions on how to get started with Wikieducator and how I use it with high school EFL/ESL students (grades 11 and 12).
  • Peter Rawsthorne - Wiki Syntax, templates, K12 student-generated content
  • Anil Prasad - General help


  1. Using IRC to chat with other Wikieducators
  2. Automated Page Creation
  3. FAQs
  4. List of all pages containing prefix "Help:" in WikiEducator